How do you get rid of triangles?

I’m new to the forum, seems like a nice place. This is my first post, (hopefully of many) so be gentle :slight_smile:

I’m fairly new to blender, but have big ambitions, eventually I’d like to create a multiplayer fps, taking baby steps to get there though, I don’t expect anything even playable any time soon.

Right, down the the question.

I have heard that having triangles in a model is bad, not sure why, but I’m trying to get rid of them anyway.

I’m making my first attempt at modelling a human head, I keep doing a few sub divisions and occasionally a triangle appears. I use the join triangle feature in blender and it gets rid of about half of them.

What about the others?

I’ve tried to turn them into quads but that feature didn’t work either.
Any tips?

Also, if you delete a face you have a blank empty space, how do you give that area a face and or nit it together with a close face?

Any modelling tips in general?


to make a face, select 3-4 vertacys and press F… same thing if you select 2-3 edges and press F.

in blender 2.45 we laso have new edge loop skinning options, select 2 edge loops with the same ammount of verticles and press F to skin it.

If the tri2quad script did not work for you is because your model was probably made all in tris and the layout dose not work well with quads.

Triangles are only bad because of the selection tools for edges, in a real time rendering engine everything gets turned into tris anyways.

I reccoment keeping everythin quads

the whole mesh was in quads until I selected about 8 verts/faces (Don’t remember which) and did a sub divide, then around the edge for some reason it turn half of them into tris.
What does skinning mean?

Imagine a square. Then image there is a line from 1 corner to the other, I can’t get that line to dissappear. I would post a screenie, but I didn’t save my progress and it crashed lol.

I’m not even sure if I’m modelling the correct/best way. I’m taking a cube, subdividing it once, cutting off the left side and mirroring it along the x axis, then just keep subdividing a few times in select areas like the nose eyes and mouth, then the triangles appear :frowning:

Are you telling me to use the loop feature instead as it will ALWAYS give quads?

Also, I’ve seen vids of people making a 2d image 3d by drawing what looks like planes. Can someone show me a tutorial on how to do that as well please?