How do you get started with coding for Blender?

Been thinking of learning how to code lately and Blender seemed like a good candidate to try and learn some of those skills. However, I don’t really know where to start or how to actually make patches that could be used for baseline Blender. I am interested in learning how to code UI since I have some background as a UI and UX designer. What’s the general workflow for people who develops Blender? What programs do I need? Where can you learn more about Blender’s code structure and where do you submit a finished patch?

I know Python is used a lot for add-on development, but I am more interested in the core here. I heard that ithe core using C++ or something, but please correct me if I am wrong or have incomplete information. Thanks! :slight_smile:

The blender developer wiki is generally a good place to start

But the general process is:

  1. get blender building on your system
  2. Find some area of blender you’d like to work on
  3. Browse the bug tracker and find and fix a small bug in that area
  4. Submit it for code review