how do you load make humans?

i downloaded make humans but i dont know how to use it

The Instructions are on the Make Human website.

But before you can use it you have to have Python installed
( ) and the Python path set in blender.

How to do that:

Once that is done you can run Make Human.

im in an area where cable is unheard of it will take me an hour to download python. i found out how to run the script and it loads the base mesh too but the body wont respond to the clicking of the value buttons, is this a direct result of me not having the full 9mb python engine installed?

Do you have the MH 1.8 targets lib?
If not, DL it from and install as per the instructions on the MH website.

As for Python, I would just get Gabio’s latest BF Blender release from It has Python23 included. (4.5 MB total)

Good Luck!

yeah i have blender 2.3 i have the target files i have everything i even downloaded python 2.3 full
nothing is working cant get the base mesh to change

Well, If you can start the MH GUI and load the base mesh then you have
Python installed ok and the correct Python path set in Blender.

Did you move the targetlib directory at any point?
From MH website:
“A file “makehuman.ini” containing path-info for the script is generated automatically. Delete this file to force reinitialization if you decide to move makehuman’s “targetlib”-directory to another location later.”

ok this is really dim of me but i figured it out finally i didnt know the value buttons had to be dragged and i was trying to click the left and right arrows on them thanks for your patience guys lol

Glad you got it working.

when i go to load the base.mesh and select it it still tells me to load base.mesh

Ok I will tag my question onto this post so I do not waste filespace here on elysiun. I have MakeHuman1.8 and the older MakeHead by Manuel. Somethings I like to use MakeHead for that MakeHuman would be too much and not required. Anyway. How do yo save out the mesh once you have got it deformed to your liking.

I tried that with MakeHead and the mesh was in three(3) parts(I assume this is true for MakeHuman also but just with more parts since you have more morph targets). I tried joining them so that I could append them into another file but blender said Join would not work with vertex keys. Now I know I could go in to and IPO window and delete all the keys but it seems to me that the brilliant programmers of these programs would know that people would want a single mesh and would have made and easier way. Am I missing something?


just save it as a blend file and the script window will still be there but your human will deformed as you had it but the script window will be blank but if you decide that you want to edit it again just change the script window to text editor and right click run script the is still loaded there

Actually I wanted to have a single mesh so that I could export it to .obj or some other format. Or so that I coudl decimate it a bit to take down the polygon count to use in the game engine.

What does make human do?

Does it generate humans or something?

The figure in Make Human is a single mesh.
You should be able to load it, adjust it, and then simply load an export script and export it.

It gives you a generic human model that you can re-shape through a GUI
to get different body types or other humanoid forms.

in the blender command line window it says:

‘import site’ failed use -v for traceback
sys_init:warning - no sitedirs added site module.
starting MakeHuman
imported from text buffer…
imported from text buffer…
imported from text buffer…
problem to retrieve ini file
mainPath from ini file: None
no ini file