How do you make a HUD/GUI without lag?

I only had a laptop that was not really modern, thats why i had 0.2 instead of 0.3, because of the laptop lack requirements.

I was working on a replication of garmentdistricts ___ of the killer game.

Its doing well but i run into logic trouble.

I thought you might play for yourself,

yacht_of_the_killer.blend (2.3 MB)

I just need to know how do you make a proper 0.2 gui without lag. And I tried every method I can from the discord server.


Are you using the UI objects as a ‘scene’ overlay?

yes i was,

the trick is when ever i touch another sight bubble it will change the gui

i had trouble, until some guy helped with a python, but some how the lag came due to logic bricks.
Dont believe me? Try to get run over by the green guy.

I believe you.

It could be because the UI object has collission?

I made the green dude into a ghost, some how the starts still.

text objects are very inefficient. apply as a mesh or make it a texture from a render or screenshot. scaling text requires a regen of the text which is very slow. also text uses an obscene amount of gpu memory.

collision or near sensors are problematic as they are compounded by physics verts. turn off collision on as many things as you can and use box or sphere shapes when possible.

But how do you make a player have a reaction when hit by a green guy