How do you make a "Noise Texture" like BI, in Cycles

The Noise Texture in Cycles is more like Clouds, what I want is two colors I can mix and it produces random dots in a settable size, like a TV with no channel, or snow, like I did in the Crystal Ball in my Avatar, I did using Blender Internal Render Engine AKA BI, using the Noise Texture.

I searched the internet and forum, but did not find anything.


If you play with the scale in the Noise node, then add a Bright/Contrast node followed with
a colour ramp into the diffused, it kind of looks like noise on a tv screen.

Not sure if this helps any, but good luck.

Here is a node setup …

I mixed a musgrove noise with a checker to the pixelation effect
And then added some noise in bands {only Z vector coord used} to add the variation in density going down the texture
And then a colour ramp to get the colours from an ‘off phosper’ colour to a white colour

Hope this helps


Thanks for the reply, I tried this node setup, what I got looked like what you have, but its static, it does not behave like the Noise generator of BI, which is not static, is that what you have or did I miss something?

You’ll have to animate the mapping values to make the noise move on each frame

m9105826 is absolutely correct.
In Cycles you animate the values to change the texture.
Here the CombineXYZ has an X value that changes from 0 to 1, but this then fed via a noise texture to create an arbitary change of X vector coordinate
And I have also animated the Z coordinate from 0 to 100 to shift the dark lines down the screen

Hope this helps