How do you make an interactive swingable rope?[SOLVED]

I haven’t found anything on this and the closest were a grappling hook and a zipline.

This depends on your needs. If you want a physical plausible rope or chain, you can work with objects that are connected via rigid body constraints.

As a rope usually smoothly deforms you would require quite a lot of segments. To still work with larger but a less number of segments you can use invisible objects that control the deformation of a visible armature that looks like a rope (search for ragdoll).

I hope this gives you an idea.

Okay! I have something.
I’m just having a had time keeping the top of the Player Hook object facing up and have the object snap vertical after pressing the buttons.
It’s pretty frustrating

Interactive rope swing.blend (488.2 KB)

I solved the problem and since I have the physics figured out I will just animate the swinging and add a disembark command.

Thanks Monster!