How do you make .blend files start automatically?

I am new to the game engine. I have three questions.

  1. How do you make a .blend file (like the ones I downloaded from the 2.25
    Game demos zip) start automatically?

  2. How do you make the files run full screen no matter what your display
    resolution settings are?

  3. Is there a way to open these demo files to see how they were constructed in blender?

I know how to create runtimes .exe files for the stand alone player but the files in this Game demo zip are .blend files and they run automatically.

  1. Click game, click autostart

  2. If it’s the .blend file just resize your blender window. If it’s a runtime (.exe), press F10 and on the right most panel you’ll see Game Frame Settings. Adjust it to the pixel size that’s full screen, however, not everyone can run the same resolution size so beware.

  3. Open up blender, press F1, find the .exe and open it up. However, some of them are autostart (still not sure how to look into those).

Jason Lin

Thanks for the answer to my first question.

For the second question, I need to know how to have a game or .exe file adjust itself to the full screen resolution of any viewers display automatically, no matter what the display is set at.

The third question is for opening and seeing the construction of a .blend that has an autostart.

After running some test I see that by setting the runtime options to fullscreen, the file will adjust to the display size no matter what the display settings are.

This is my answer to the second question.

I now only need an answer to my third question at top.

For number three: Open up the file in Blender (F1) instead of opening up the file in you OS. Then autostart won’t happen.

That’s the answer for my third question! Thank you both very much for your help.