How do You make planets nice?

(darkstar1) #1

How do you get that nice glow on planents and what is the best way texturing them? Also, any tips for lighting techniques with planets?

(Alltaken) #2

to get a nice glow on a planet. add a sphere (ico subdivsions up to you) make it a halo material.

duplicate it and make the second one a bit smaller. with a different colour material.

play around with the settings of alpha and stuff for a while ill you get what you want.


(S68) #3


otherwise, my technique is to add a single vertex mesh in the center of the planet and give it a halo material whose size is bigger than that of the planet.


(Alltaken) #4

yeah that is another way but for some reason i think it makes the atmosphere look too large.

and washed out (adding many halos increases rendering time but adds the denser layer to the surface of the planet)

S68’s method is a good way to do it and is used by many people.

oh yeah and itf you do it by adding a sphere remember to delete all the vertices that are on the other side of the planet from the sun.