How do you make snow appear "glittery"?

please help!

Can you be a bit more specific?
What kind of snow are you talking about?
Are you talking about a material on the floor, or talking about snowflakes particles?

Describing your problem and your question more clearly might get you some help.
If you can’t describe it, try showing us a picture of what you want, because (and I quote ) “a picture can tell more than a thousand words”.

if you mean the very small crystals you sometimes see in snow why not try adding a random pattern of small spread out dots and set these to effect the spectral/emit or reflective value of the material.

In the compositor you could separate out the specular channel and add any effects like Glare you want to get the look you’re after.

By “glittery” you mean Reflective or Colourful ?
Add a Cloud texture and Change it from Creyscale to Color.
The method I suggested is used in this tutorial series for the rocks, towards the end.

another method :

  1. add a material to the snow. make diffuse white 100%. set specular very low 0.05-0.1 use blinn with a high IOR 5 or so. hardness 1.
  2. add a noise texture to that material. adjust the brightness to 0, contrast to 5 (max) saturation 2. set influence to specular-intensity only and very low about 0.125 or less.

this is a base glittery. now,
3. add a pointlamp to your view and deselect diffuse, energy is normal but you can tweak it. say make it 2-3
4. and add a cloud texture to the lamp. do the same with the colors setting. brightness down to 0, contrast max to 5 but lower the saturation a bit if you want less colorful reflections. 0.8 or so is good.
5. make it color in stead of greyscale and size it way down .0001 with a high depth 12.
6. mapping coordinates should be global
7. influence arround 1.000 and set blend to multiply

put up your sunglasses and hit “F12” :wink: that’s it :wink: