How do you mirror or flip an object

Hello I’, working on the ginger bread man from the Blender manual. trouble is I have created half the body and I need to flip it over but when I follow the instruction, it does not work. I’m using blender 2.31. and below is the instruction :

“Now it is time to create the other half of Gus, select all vertices (AKEY) and press the
3DWindow toolbar button which resembes a cross-hair (Figure 4-13). Now, leave the
mouse still. Press SHIFT-D to duplicate all selected vertices, edges and faces, SKEY
to switch to “Scale” mode, then XKEY followed by either ENTER or a LMB click to
flip the duplicate.”

I’ll appreciate some help please.

i’d take a look at -> documentation :slight_smile: but here’s the “howto”
dublicate all vertices by selecting 'em all (akey) and shift+d… quite easy actually

s to scale… next is x,y or z for axis. then the value you want. to mirror it’s -1. now I’d press enter or mouse1. but use enter so you dont alter the value…

happy blending :smiley:

Use MKey to mirror after the duplication.

Thanks for your replies but its still not working. I know its simple and its begining to frustrate me. I have followed both advices to the letter. When I press the enter, will the image flip over automatically or I have to grab and move it ? I’m in the front view so i select z as the axis after s.

I feel so dump !!

Thanks. :x

After you hit Shift-D, you will automatically be in drag mode, with the duplicate copy selected. Drag the copy away from the original and click the left mouse button. Now, either hit the M key to mirror (2.31+) or press S, then X. then -1, then enter to flip.

In front view you would select the X axis to mirror on if you want to flip horizontally in your viewpoint. Or if you’re using the M key to mirror, just select ‘View X’ to mirror horizontally regardless of your viewpoint.

Thnx very much for your help. I’m okay now. Thnx.


I have been using blender for 3 years and this still confuses me. Does it flip on the Global x,y,z axis-the object’s local x,y,z axis or the viewport’ x,y,z axis???

Depends what you choose.


Sorry to be continuing the thread, but I’ve still got occasional problems with mirroring.

I had the same problems with the above mentioned tutorial (who is it that should be contacted regarding suggested changes?), and so far the scaling with a multiplier of -1 along the x-axis works, but the MKEY solution only works some of the time.

An example of this is when I start a new blender file, and I make a cube. After selecting it and entering edit mode, if I hit MKEY, then I get a mirroring menu that pops up. After making my selection, what I expect happens (if the 3D Cursor option is also selected ahead of time).

However, in other circumstances (i.e. later on in the tutorial) while playing with the armatures, I tried the very same technique involving the MKEY, but this time around, there wasn’t any “Mirroring options” popup when I pressed the MKEY. Am I missing out on something?

As a side note, is the printed 2.3 manual basically the same as what is currently available as the online manual? (The page shots of the book seem to be the same as what’s in the manual.)

Mkey was broken for anything but mesh in 2.30. You might want to try 2.31a and see if it’s ok. If it’s not (I don’t remember exactly when I fixed it), try a CVS version.


I’m using 2.31a right now - hmm… I guess I should get used to using CVS anyway.

Thanks for the quick reply, I appreciate it.