How Do You Parent a Collection to an Empty?

Hello! I’m trying to parent a collection to an empty, but can’t seem to make it happen. How do you parent a collection to an empty?

Thank you!

Afaik that is not possible.

A collection instance might be close enough to what you’re wanting.

Thank you @rigoletto and @Ysengrin for the reply.

So what is the best practice for grouping a large number of objects together, and be able to quickly transform them together? Instance the collection, and then parent the instance to the empty? That would definitely work, it just seems like a lot of steps to group objects together and transforms them.

Is there another way to group objects together and transform them together?

I feel like I just repeated what Ysengrin said, but trying to clarify the process for myself.

Thank you!

It sounds to me like you want to use an “Empty” as the parent of many objects, so that you can transform the group of objects. In which case, it is not a collection, it is an empty with children.

Gotcha, I now understand that collections don’t carry parenting information, and this is the best way to manipulate multiple objects at once. Thank you!

It took me a while to understand collections as well. For me, since I come from Autodesk Maya, collections most closely resemble “Display Layers”.

I am used to Maya’s default behavior of groups acting as invisible empties. It would be very nice if Blender supported such a feature, but for now, it can be achieved using empty objects.

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Yes, I’m also a Maya pilgrim and that’s the exact functionality I was missing. Thanks for helping really appreciate it!

After doing a bit of digging, I discovered that you can almost perfectly emulate Maya groups by doing these few steps:

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I have updated my Neltulz - Bonus Utils add-on with a feature called “Group with Empty”


  • Group with Empty - Group objects together using an empty

Download add-on here:

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Hey @Neltulz Thank you so much for letting me know, can’t wait to give it a try. Thanks for working on this :slight_smile:

Question, could I bind Cntrl-G to initiate the Group With Empty command? I can’t find Group to Empy in the Keymap search.

Thank you!

I just parent objects to an Empty and stick all of them including the Empty in a Collection.

Right click the “Group with Empty” button and click “Assign Shortcut”

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Perfect, thank you again!