How do you parent hair particles; eyebrows, eyelashes, hair to the face/body mesh?

What advice can you give me to do this? So it can move with the shape keys from the exact positions.
If I join the hair particles with the faces, it will change to a mesh but that is not what I want

So the eyebrows move with shape keys.
Can it be fixed with vertex groups? With lattice?

So, you may want separate particle systems for each type of hair, and then you would use weight painted vertex groups of your emitter mesh to control the density. If you want a more detailed explanation, let me know!

Thank you for your response. Yes please I would like a more detailed explanation.

Sorry for the late response - it’s been a busy week. So, I have an example mesh with two particle systems: Hair_System and Mustache_System. They each emit from the same Head_Mesh mesh. This means you can render both particle systems and the emitter mesh all part of the same Head object. This is the result:

I have separate particle systems with their own settings:

I use weight painted vertex groups to control the density. To do that, click the small + button in the Vertex Groups panel and name your vertex group something meaningful:

With your newly created vertex group selected go into Weight Paint Mode and paint where you want your hair to emit from. A denser mesh will give you more precise weight paint results. Paint with Weight 1 where you want hair to grow at maximum density, Weight 0 where you don’t want hair to grow at all, and any Weight in between for densities in between. The mesh symmetry option is helpful if you want symmetrical hair emission:

Go into your Vertex Groups panel in your particle system settings and assign your newly weight painted vertex group to the Density Vertex Group slot:

You can set up different hair shaders for the different kinds of hair and use the Particle Edit mode to give your mesh a haircut. I know this is still pretty high level, so if you want to see how any of this is done, I’ve attached a .blend for you to look through. I hope this helps!
Generic Head_03.blend (2.7 MB)