How do you recommend I model the hull of this ship?

How do you recommend I model of hull of this ship to make everything smooth and seamless without any ngons?

Here is my attempt so far, it’s very rough and full of mistakes. What am I dong wrong?!Ap6t_YOv62EQgSJOsbT_jIhr5MtU?e=3QuLPv

Couldn’t look at your file but see if this helps. Basically I just started with a simple plane and then extruded the edge to start forming the shape.

Ship_Hull.blend (789.7 KB)

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Add a pill (not sure of the real name of the object but am sure i saw it in the add menu) from the add menu then convert to mesh and work around to get what you want.

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You are off to a good start but a few things I think you need to consider…
Model 1 half and use a mirror modifier…saves tons of time…
Work from a Blueprint! Your results will be far better…
For instance the aft, you did a fine job, but it is too shallow for the propeller shaft area…blueprints would have helped there…same with the Prow…you don’t have the sweep from prow towards the aft…
Use Curves and layout your lines…if if you make sure that the vertices on each curve are equal then when the shapes are right …convert to a mesh and loft the hull by bridging edge loops ( former curves ) fare less likely to end up with bad geometry that way…

Here are some blueprints and I suggest the last one on the page…it has all the elements and is LARGE!

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This looks a little better?!Ap6t_YOv62EQgSJOsbT_jIhr5MtU?e=mIBfhd