how do you remove edges but keep faces

(javelin) #1

how do you remove edges but keep faces and vertices on a mesh?

(belac) #2

select the vertices at the end of the edge that you want to delelte. hit ‘X’ and select edges… be careful though cause if there is no longer an edge conecting a vertice then it will be deleted as well.

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(S68) #4

Strictly speaking, you can’t

If you delete a FACE you keep edges and vertexes

If you delete an EDGE you keep vertexes BUT loose all faces containing
that edge

If you delete a vertex you lose all faces and edges containing that vertex.

If deleting a face/edge you remain with orphan edge/vertexes you lose them too.


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(banana_sock) #5

what possible use would an edge have anyway? It isn’t capable of being rendered, so it seems pointless…

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Very punny :). POINTLESS!!! HAHAHA… I crack myself up.

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children, children…just like little children…tsktsk…

and yea, this really aint the right forum… :-?