How do you smooth Bridged edge loops?

Hello, I am trying to go from a rounded curve to a Flat panel but when I connect the two areas it’s too direct and looks sudden. Is there a way to ease into the flat object without manually moving verts? I don’t know how to approach this.


When you use bridge edge loops, you can choose number of cuts, type of bridge method and smoothness / profile.

*Face Palm after all these years it been in the bottom left of my screen.

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  • Thanks!!

It’s one of those things I recommend playing with as it provides far more flexibility than appears on the surface. :slight_smile:
Edit: Example, create a cube, go into edit mode, duplicate it, move it somewhat on the X axis. Select the top face of each cube and bridge edge loops. Looks awful yes? Ok, change number of cuts and lookit, an arch! :slight_smile:

It’s an awesome tool! I needed this on a old project of a spitfire, I gave up because of this I think its time to revisit it!