How do you toggle object parenting to bone?

All in the title. I have a character and I want them to pick up an object. This means that at first, the object is just sitting by itself, then after a certain frame, the object needs to completely follow the location and rotation of the palm of the character’s hand. I have a bone for the palm, so how do I go about doing this?

You can use a Child Of constraint on the object to be picked up and keyframe its influence setting
See attached example blend


pickup.blend (119 KB)

That sounds like a really good solution and thanks for the demo, but alas there is an error where after setting the influence to anything greater than 0, it makes the object move to some weird location. The worst part is that the constraint doesn’t actively change the location at all in the object info panel, so I can’t just type in the new location. Also, how do you make the keyframe spontaneously switch to 100% without a smooth transition of the influence the entire time, or, how do you toggle interpolation?
Incidentally, is there a way to parent an object to a specific vertex of a specific mesh?

Nvm I guess, apparently “set inverse” solved it but I have no idea what that does.

Nvm again the problem still isn’t solved because now when I set the influence to 0 again, the object does that weird random motion.

So again, it didn’t work, unless you can explain this whole inverse thing.

“set inverse” basically removes the offset you left when setting up the constraint… the trick here is to keyframe the influence and movements / offset of the object you want to be constrained… both before and after the keyframe in question…

be liberal with your keyframes and dont worry too much about a " frame perfect " grab…

Take a look at this.

Helps explain the keyframes you need.

Ok, thanks for the information.