How do you use Controllers in BGE?

Hey its me again, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to use controllers in blender game engine, and how to use to of them, if that is possible. It would really help me.

what controlers?

I would suggest working through the exercises on this link first, then if you have questions, specific questions, post them here. This helped me a lot a couple of months ago.

Also, after you work through this one, I would suggest the following:

Create a “simple” game with a cube that you control. Have coins or pickups that add to your score and disappear when touched. Create an overlay scene for the score. Have a bad guy that when touched takes away health. You can put the health on the same overlay scene for the score. Using message actuators you can update the score and health.

I had many of the same questions you did, but after going through the link I was able with a little searching to figure out how to do the things I mentioned above for the “simple” game. Since then I have been doing tests to see if the engine can do what I need for my game. Which it is more than capable for my modest needs.

If you can complete that “simple” game you will be more prepared to continue and try to make a real game. But as we have all learned, you have to crawl before you can walk. Plus once you can do the above exercises, you will be able to post more specific questions, because what you are asking is pretty broad in scope.

Good luck!!

The type of controllers I am talking about are hand held ones, that you plug into a USB port, like I would like to have like two of them, so that two people chould play a first person shooter together. Sorry if I did not make myself clear.