How do you use downloaded python scripts?

How do you use downloaded python scripts?

there are different ways:

load them into text editor (shift f11) and execute (alt p or rmb execute)

most scripts should appear in the scripts menu, import export scripts also in the file menu. open scripts window (not text window) and use the menus to run the scripts

only problem for me is: where do I put the scripts to make them appear in the file menu?
and where is the scripts menu?

put them under the sub-directory of Blender: ..blender\scripts,
then switch “script window” (which have a +/- ico)
run the menu command: scripts-updates menu
that is it
not all script can be found from scripts menu, except it have a proper register head

you can change the standard dir to look for scripts in the info window, group paths, python path (there’s also a “refresh scripts list” button)