How do you use the source code?

I’ve downloaded the source-code, but it opens as a hugely long bunch of random numbers, symbols, and letters.
How do I actually use it or even open it as blender?
I’m not the best programmer in the world, but I don’t have a clue how I can get the source code working.
Does anyone have any ideas?

If you really did download the source code then you will have hundreds of files in dozens of folders, but almost every one of those should be text files not “random numbers, symbols, and letters”. Those text files are things that you can alter if you like and you then compile what you have into the blender executable files.

I think you should start here:

If you find building on your OS too much trouble, heres a VM I setup a while back.

I will try it as well this week to build blender in Windows with Dragon TDM (Mingw64), I hope it goes well.

As of speaking, currently downloading the source with GIT as stated here:

git svn clone blender-svn

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