How do you view image textures and particle textures in a game?

:eek: Sorry, yes its a noob question. I was following the wiki ge tut that ends (ith the promise of being continued)at applying textures.

Well, I made a carpet and also applied some image textures to various objects but it doesnt show when I press P.

I looked in the game menu and checked use textures, but still nothing.

What do I need to do? Also, can you point me towards some simple begining game tuts? or just basic things like the above?

Thanks very much for any advice.

are you going for the newbie questions record? I think I need to send YOU cupcakes, sweetie. see last unlocked thread.

I just get so LLLLLooooooossssssttttt while searching for the answers, and (in tiny tiny font) frustrated because I cant finish a tut!

Before I know it Im down another path, like now Im on a sky dome. Blender is the cupcake. But thankyou for offering.

Followed the thread to its end, but I guess I dont know what 'last unlocked thread" is?

I can see plain colors etc on the objects. And I can see my textures etc and the carpet particles in the 3d view. Just not when in ge.

I dont think that is because of my graphics card, since it does have the shaders, etc. sooooo I dont understand. poooooor me. LOL.

And when I run someone elses game demo I can see the textures etc… so I am doing somethin wrong, lol.

UVMap it, i made a tut for UVmapping a little while ago.

Thanks very much. After searching now for a day or more on the net, everything I found said something about UV mapping and baking.
However they were all specific questions and answers, which I thought applied to UV mapping and UV mapping in the game engine.

But not that the only way to view textures in the game engine was UV mapping? Get it?

So I got tired of reading and downloaded a video from the group here on shading and that has helped me immensely.

So then how do you UV map particles? Like my carpet/grass object to walk through/on in the GE?

And if we cant use textures in the GE, then don’t all the UV mapped objects slow the engine down? Is there a brake-even point?
Thanks again.

Hello and relax…
I’ll try to answer your questions.
Yes! The only way to view textures ( image ones) is with UV map
The menu item, it’s “Use Blender Materials” I guess…not Textures
“Particles” don’t work in the game engine
If you want to use “Use Blender Materials” function, when you apply a texture to an object with the UV Editor, you must enable the “Tex Face” Button in the Materials panel
This way it’ll appear when you press P

Hmmm, very relaxed here (maybe that’s my problem :wink: )and thank you very much for helping me out.

So in the UV editor you can assign textures to an object. OK. Weeeel, I’ll have to look that up now, too. LOL.

I think I know what you mean though. Will run try it now. Thanks again

Particles dont work in GE? Ack no… how do you get sparkles, twinkles, flashes of particles in gun fire. Is it all from animations?

No twinkling on water surface or mesmerizing glittery particles to walk through, or a bunch of bees?

how do you get sparkles, twinkles, flashes of particles in gun fire. Is it all from animations?

That’s normally done with textures - for example, to make the flash from a gun you’d get a picture of a gun flash with a transparent background, map it to a plane, and make that plane appear whenever the gun fires. Fire and smoke can also be done like this as well, but I’m not sure how:o

Animatinator: Thanks very much

If anyone is looking for the same answers as I was, here is how to use textures in the GE. Its easy, LOL.