How does Blender (Bullet) mathematically calculates the collisions of rigid bodies?

Good morning,

I am working on a simple simulation of two cubes colliding with a plane. I am very interested in the accuracy of the physics of the simulation.

I would like to know how Blender Game uses Bullet to solve the physics of a collision. Which are the physics/mathematics that are behind the simulation?

Another question is related to the units; if I set mass=1 in BGE and metric system, it means 1 kg? As there is a maximum of 1000, it means that I can not achieve more than 1000 kg?

Thank you for your attention.

You can easily change the accuracy of the simulations by going to the Scene tab in the Blender render setting. In Blender Game, go to the World tab and there you can change the accuracy. I once saw a preview of some of the equations Blender uses and those equations are like college level mathematics. You could try googling it…

Thank you. I only found in the blender manual the equation which governs the rotational movement (dependent on the angular acceleration and inertia). Do you remember some information of where did you see those equations? Thank you so much

It was a YouTube video tutorial on something. I think it was by Andrew Price but I can hardly remember. Sorry…