How does lattice/mesh deform modifier work more precise/intuitive on meshes/curves?

I have a mesh object (a sphere) with a lattice deform modifier. The lattice is a 2x2x2 box and has exactly the same dimensions as the mesh object.
I expect the mesh object to follow the lattice EXACTLY when moving the lattice points but this isn’t the case.
I want intuitive and precise/excact control over the object with the lattice, meaning the bounds of the object to coincide with that of the lattice’s.

The same problem exists for the mesh deform modifier.

Thanks in advance.

Change the lattice interpolation to Linear in the lattice properties

Thank you Richard Marklew, that was a quick response!

How to do this for us noobs:

  1. Select the lattice.
  2. go to Properties editor.
  3. set interpolation type to “Linear” instead of “BSpline” for U,V and W.

Imho the interpolation type should have been Linear as the default, not Bspline.

if you want precise control with the mesh deform modifier your out of luck.
To my knowledge there’s no way to set the interpolation mode for the mesh deform modifier and on top of that I don’t even know which interpolation mode is used for the mesh deform modifier!

Could anyone explain the use of the other interpolation modes of lattice modifier (BSpline/Catmul-Rom/Cardinal) and which interpolation mode mesh deform modifier uses?

another problem: applying lattice deform to curves also doesn’t function the way it’s supposed to! Is there a way to keep the applied curve without it’s shape changing? example gif below: