How does mass of rigid body system work?

I was playing with the new rigid body system in 2.66 and didn’t notice any difference in objects with different mass. I would create two cubes, calculate the mass of one to be air and the other to be lead. I made sure the scale is all 1. I don’t see any difference with how the objects act. They both fall at the same rate, they even collide the same. Does the mass actually do anything?

If the rigid body sim follows standard physics rules, mass should have no effect on the force of gravity (all objects fall at the same speed, regardless of their mass). Mass only matters when you add some kind of drag, for example a force field.

Cool thanks, I shall investigate further. I’m still toying with fields and the constraints at the moment.

drop a feather and a hammer at the same time on the moon, and they fall the same speed. theres no “air” in blender… yet

If you need air friction for rigid bodies, play with the damping properties.