How Does New Search Feature in Blender 2.5 Work

Is the new integrated search feature in blender 2.5 going to actually allow you to search for stuff in a scene? I just got done trying it out and, so far as I can see, it only helps you find pieces of blender functionality. So is the new search just a tool finder or is there also a “stuff-in-your-scene” finder?

I think the developers have not implemented the Search function in the Outiner yet.

SEARCH? This is the first I’ve heard of this, but i’m excited!

Functionality search is definitely what a noob like me needs… though outliner search would be very helpful in some scenes.


The stuff-in-your-scene finder is inside all the input fields with an object icon in it (ie. where you should type the name of an object).

Same for materials, groups, etc.

But can you select an object by name?

I would assume that it searches by the field. So if you search in a box which takes an object name as input, you see object names. But if the box needs a material name, you will only see material names when you search. Exactly like in 2.4x, but with the ability to search.

2.4x has a search function in the outliner. While, the search result does not select the object, it does highlight it. You can click on the found name to select the object.

I have not found this functionality in 2.5 yet. I.e. how to search for and object by name so that it can be selected.

I’m hoping they add this as well, pressing a key combination could bring up a box just like on the input fields but containing every object in your scene, and then you can type a few letters to select your object and press enter. This would be a huge speed boost for us keyboard fiends! Much much faster than filtering for objects in the outliner.

I would like to see select these search results implemented as well. That way I could search on a material and have all objects selected with that material.