How does one remove images from the image browser?

After a frustrated attempt to figure out why normals aren’t baking, I have a bunch of images I’m not using. See image. How do I remove these?

Unlinking, apparently, is not the same as removing.

Hold “Shift” and Press that little “X” , this will remove the image from datablocks. If you check the list , the removed image will be there, but a “0” is shown in front of it. Now save your file and reopen it, your image is gone. Same can be done for Materials, Animations.

Thanks. I never would have guessed I’d have to save/reload to actually remove them.

On the same note, what does the ‘F’ mean?

The “F” stands for “Fake User”. You can use this option on various kind of things like materials, textures, node groups, etc, to keep them altho they aren’t used anywhere and would be lost after a re-load.

I realise this is a bit of an old thread, but I was wondering if there was some other way to remove references of unused image files. Specifically, I’m trying to work with Poser imported scenes (objs) that use heaps of textures, and each instance of a texture is given a unique name for some reason, ergo: wallImage.jpg, wallImage.jpg.001, wallImage.jpg.002, wallImage.jpg.003, wallImage.jpg.004, wallImage.jpg.005, wallImage.jpg.006. Now, multiply this by 100 files (like for a building) and you quickly have a nightmare.
The worst thing is: none of these files actually display anything. You have to actually browse to find the file, whereupon it gets named wallImage.jpg.007, and then you have to select and laboriously follow those above-mentioned steps for all of those non-displaying files.
This process borders on madness.

There has to be a better way??

Robynsveil : try this method.

Brilliant, KWD! Looks like exactly what I’m after. Plus, it’s a good introduction to scripting ones own solutions.

Thank you so much for this! I’ve been searching and googling for days now (probably using the wrong search terms) - thanks awfully for this!!