How does rendering differ from the game engine?

I’ve played around with Blender’s rendering for a while but as a programmer, I’ve been itching to get started with the game engine.

When I texture a object up and render it, it looks great. However, when I fire up the game, all I get is a pure white object. All my textures and alpha levels disappear.

What am I doing wrong? (And how does textures work in games?)

I’ve got the blender game kit, but I am still confused.



The classic “white attack” problem :slight_smile:

The game engine is a bit different of the normal rendering ( but well integrated in Blender
as you’ll see)
To get your images “over” objects appear in the game engine you must “assign” them
to the object faces with the UV Texture Editor

here’s some tutorials:

and in the top of the site there’s a post with links to many many more, and demos
too. Download some and study them. There’s the best way to learn.
And post your questions here of course
Bye and keep Blending

this is strange, did you read it?

Thanks so much for your help.

Yes, I’ve read the Gamekit (Obviously not good enough) :wink: