how far does the Coffee make your life ¿

well , i just wonder when someone says ,

hey i can’t consentrate <focus> , i didn’t even drink coffee

why would some people have this addicting to cofee , for me i don’t like drinking coffee :yes:, and haven’t tried smoking :no: …

sorry if it is random , but those who like coffee that much , how can we consider them ?


i rather PEPSI…i dont like coffee but some times i have to drink it

GF , those fizzy drinks makes me vomit !!! , all i like is zohorat , boiled thyme … etc , … :slight_smile:

I’m into tea mostly & diet coke or pepsi max. I like coke zero too. I have to drink cause I’m addicted - i get a headache otherwise.

when the exam crunch hits I need a coffee to stay awake alot of the times, but thats about it

LOL…i like thyme in sandwich with cheese BETTER…but never heard of boiled thyme

LOL…i like thyme in sandwich with cheese BETTER…but never heard of boiled thyme

thyme can be eaten with olive oil , LOL , hey man , since you are kuwati, do you know what is “meramia” or as far as i can remember “sage” .

I’m into olive oil cholestrol free butter at moment! Lost a few pounds already & I’ve been at for about 4 weeks!

thyme can be eaten with olive oil , LOL , hey man , since you are kuwati, do you know what is “meramia” or as far as i can remember “sage” .

well…dont know what that is…and never heard of it…

Well , after i have connected to the internet at home before something like 4 months , <was Navigating BA since it was elysiun , lol only throgh the library and internet caf’e’s>
well , i have noticed that it consumed a lot of time from me :frowning:

and i can’t study the university lessons too much <there is no time :(, blender is more important :evilgrin:>

btw :- the specialty is Mechatronics Enginering , and those are my first 2 months in the university . (4~5 years are coming)

so how can i manage my time !

I believe that you have answered your own question! :slight_smile:

I hate soda and Coffee. I’m always hyper as if I’ve had too much, also.

I don’t know why…

I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was 30.

It’s an acquired taste, like wine. And the caffeine boost is great. But only in moderation. If i drink more than 2 cups, it’s worthless.

But ya’ll gotta stop drinking sodas. Those things have waaaaaaay to much sugar. Seriously.

Coffee will stain your teeth and give you British teeth. Yeah Baby!

Other coffee side effects: increased blood pressure, more than 2 cups will give you the runs.

And stay away from smokes or your ding ding won’t work anymore. If you want to keep your girlfriend happy, prevention is better than cure.:slight_smile:

well i love to drink coffee been drinking it since i was 13 and i will admit i am most likely addicted to it but it doesnt interfere with my daily life so it doesnt bother me and i drink anywhere from 2-3 3 cup cups of coffee a day depending on how i feel and i allways have at least one mocha a day and im allways happy and ready to do things and plus mocha is delicious

i like me a good warm coffee on a cold winter day, but thats it. im a competitive shooter and we are always practicing, so if i drink anythingy sugary or full of caffine i shake like a leaf in a tornado!

Oh boy, here is my coffee story…
I started drinking regular coffee at an early age. Then I found out about espresso And soon found myself drinking it by the large pot full. After a bit, espresso became too tame and I switched over to Turkish coffee leading up to it as well by the pot full. I think that I burned out on it though, now about two cups of regular coffee is about all that I can handle in a day.
I do like the taste though…

well golly gosh pixelmass! ill be a jackrabbit in a hot barn on the fourth of july! thats one wild yarn you spun there!

sorry,… i simply had to do it…

No problem NJROTC, by the way, I shoot eggs at 100 yards, sometimes with black powder and open iron sights With the BP I get about 4" groups, and you?
I had to do it too…
And so does my ol’ lady although she likes bread loaves at 25 yds. with the shotgun. Heh…no kidding

I like dark coffee with about 1third powdered creamer
cant be liquid its got to be powdered and a spoon full of sugar
ive tried the fancy stuff and its pretty good but im to cheap to pay for it
and the caffein makes me crazy and “I LIKE IT”!