How fill a screwed surface?


I’m new on blender, so maybe my question is stupid.

I need to make a thread, for this I make this actions :

  • Add Mesh->Plane
  • Transform Square plane to Trapeze
  • Modifier->Screw

I obtain this object : temp.blend (623 KB).

But I need to fill it to be able to make it with a 3D printer.

I try with the solidify modifier but it deform the outside of the object.

I try the Fill option in edit mode but it make bad links between several steep of the thread.

Could someone help me?

Thanks a lot.


It depends on the exact result you want, it could be many many different things.
Here is one way
If you want a hole through the middle then don’t extrude to the centre and just then bridge the top and bottom edges.

Why you using shapekey for? That is what causing the problem. If you fill each open end, will 3D print. Plus face normals need to be recalculated where they all point outside. Avoid ngons for fill. use Use Solidify mod if it needs a wall thickness.

It’s working fine.
Thanks for your help!