How hard it is?

I would like to select a word/sentence with double/triple clicking in Text editor. Blender doesn’t have this feature. I wonder how hard it is to implement this feature.

Thanks. :yes:

Blender does not and will not have quite a lot of obvious things :). Just a “joke”…

lol ur right… but demohero, ur welcome to write a script for that and it would probably included in the official releases, since blender is basically written by the community and most updates are due to more and more scripts becoming usefull enough to be implimented

The Double click event should be fixed in the keymap.
A new, tripple click, event should be added.

I tried to change select line keymap to left double click but this keymap seems to not work.
But shift left double click works.

Blender have many Move Select operators in Text Editor.
I don’t know if it is a limitation due to inability to select things on both side of cursor or devs preferences.

I think it should be possible to create Move Select Sentence operators (similar to Move Select Word operators) to select until a dot instead of a space character.