How humiliating

A young girl plucks a flower and begins pulling off its petals saying “He loves me…He loves me not” with each petal. Now that’s humiliating! :slight_smile:

what a perfect antidote to the x-factor…brilliant. i will never humiliate a rose ever again! :spin::evilgrin:

Oh, please. What a ridiculous law. Is it “humiliating” to eat them?

Good luck enforcing that, bozos.

Plants are living things. Just like animals/ourselfs. You don’t go out an humiliate a dog or cat (or dragon for some creepy people on these boards). But then again… plants probably find different things humiliating compared to us. Put some thought into it.

Then it will be considered humiliating to eat animals or animal-based products too.

The liberals in that country have gone off the rocker, this law could become the basis to outlaw food, good luck staying in power as you ensure everyone in the country dies of hunger or resort to eating dirt.

You can’t expect total humane treatment of plants, people will want to pick flowers to put in a vase, heck the reason plants were in the garden of eden were not just to look pretty, but to be eaten as well.



Man the swiss are going to have to travel to a neighboring country to buy groceries - cuz the produce section is a total hall of humiliation for the plants.

I’m sure they’re going to be replaced by mudpies in a jiffy. When Winter comes they can just live off of snow. Heck I hear clay is pretty good stuff to eat too, they should have a whole aisle dedicated to clay.

Actually CD, if you refer to Genisis 2:16 you will note that what was really said was

16 ¶ And the LORD God commanded the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:
Note that it was not said that you can eat the tree. This would kill the plant itself and violate the sanctity of life. Nothing wrong with fruits, nuts, berries, grains and such. These things are a harvest and do not harm the plant itself. Root foods seem to be a bit troublesome though, if you pull up a carrot, the plant itself will die. Hmmmm, just food for thought. ('Scuse the pun)