How I can animate ball on spiral?

How I can animate this ball? I used “Right body”
And ball dont move so smoth.
What I can to do animate this better.
What I do wrong?

If where somewhere post similar to this (if is answer) please link to this

I think you should edit the collision margin and apply scale

This didnt work. I put video how look problem.

You could try to change the friction

Ok I have recreated the problem and it works fine but first I wanna give my advice. Next time experiment a little more with the settings. Next, post your file. Now to the solution, the things I have changed are the collision shape, collision margin, and friction. First of all, making the margin higher makes the simulation more stable. Next adding more friction ensures that the ball stays in place. Next, the collision shape for the ball should be a sphere. And for the rails, the collision shape should be mesh Spiral Physics stuff.blend (3.5 MB)

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Ok ,next time I will do that.