how I can fade away these white spots in render?

Any one have tips on how can i fade away these white spots in render? Any other typs are very welcome.

(sorry my english)


Those might be fireflies (overly bright pixels) and you could try clamp indirect in render settings, starting with some high value such as 4. Could also try despecle node in the compositor.

Or if everything else fails, could build a hunter-killer in the compositor by first finding high value pixels and using that as a mask to overlay transformed version of the image. That effectively replaces those high value pixels with ones that are next to them.

Thanks for the tips JA12!

I’ll add the compositor node setup for finding those problematic pixels and replacing it with pixels next to them, in case someone else is wondering how that could work.

Fireflies are overly bright pixels, meaning they have much higher value than their surrounding. Nodes on top check those values and gives a black and white mask for where those high values are. Translate node offsets the image so that normal values from pixels next to those moves on top and combining them with the mask replaces those pixels with the offset ones.

Of course “fireflies” in the example are made huge and obvious so there are problems. Should be fine with small ones, don’t need to offset them so much for them either.