How i can make a metal material like this in blender cycles?

Hello people , i´d like to make a material like this , but i don´t know how i will gonna make it , someone please help me with this material do you see in this desk , please help me.

do u have a sample file to work with ?

is it like stainless steel material ?

done with cycles ?

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This image is from google images , but i modeled a desk like it , but i can´t make the material

for cycles you can try with a simple nodes set up
but depends on the final look you want !

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@OP: You should check out this thread, but be warned that many of the materials are kinda bizarre based on erroneous observations).
@RickyBlender: Why O-N roughness on a sharp gloss metal?

Personally I would do a ~50%'ish double gloss with dense and sharp noise modulating slightly roughness in both nodes, and adding a normal map or two to each node to provide basic scratching. Natural steel finish (found after I searched for the image) wouldn’t have mirror like reflection.

sorry but is this meaning of " Why O-N roughness on a sharp gloss metal"

just gave a general set up to begin with
and not certain what is required yet !

give us more feedback so we can help you more !

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From that tiny screenshot it’s really hard to see what that material is supposed to look like…
Is that metal painted somehow? Or powder-coated?

Anyway, without more information about that material I would also think a simple glossy/diffuse mix will get you a long way:

Thank you very much

Found the image he used here, so seem to be standard natural steel finish.

Look into the anisotropic shader:

The anisotropic shader has “issues” (energy loss at glancing angles, making them far too dark), and I recommend not using it where it would show glancing angles on the same object that also shows facing angles. Also, the image doesn’t appear to me to show any brushed qualities, indicating highly isotropic reflections. Add scratches and other irregularities as a normal map instead. Currently rendering out a test using 0.025 and 0.075 glossy roughness, but appears to be a bit too smooth. But it’s hard to judge from the image, where I can’t really see any reflections.

@ Bigbang
can you tell us what kind of material you want ?


A metal material like this:

this looks like 4 colors!
top part seems to be stainless and bottom looks like painted grey!
right below the top there are some tablets in dark grey
and some chrome for the handles

do you have enough info to complete it ?
show us what you got done!

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i´d like to make a painted gray that you can see in those desk

You could try finding a seamless stainless steel texture and then using it for the texture.

Wait. Now you want painted? :smiley: Why post an image first which found to be natural steel finish then?
What’s next, chrome plated or nickel anodized steel? Or maybe buffed, brushed, matte, or satin finish?

In any case, even if this isn’t what you’re now asking for, here is my go at natural steel finish.
Low roughness:
High roughness:
Ignore shading errors, I’ll try to fix those in my mockup model of a steel table for a painted version.

I jusk need a metal material like a metal that you can see in those desk

Your material that you made it´s very good , but i´d like a thing little bit more realistic , do you can do this?