How i light a specific object only on blender 2.9

I have some problems, I need to light an object, but without light others, i tried use layers but the layer is needed use “holdouts” to maintain the first layer visible, but this let some “crop errors” in the contour.

what i need to do? anyone have a idea or a solution?

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I guess this is going to be for an animation.

Only thing i can think of is- render your Object A and B separate and add together in compositor. But im not sure what kind of a scenario that you have in your scene.

something like that^

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i can’t show the project, but i tried this and don’t work, i tried do a light on a toy hair and avoid on the character.

but thanks.

Blender doesn’t yet have “light linking” to let a light only affect certain objects, but it is one of the most requested features. You can add yourself as a watcher and/or comment on:

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