How i make branches like in this video

I’m making some trees in blender using this video as a base: The problem is that some of the branches look weird when I apply to subdivide modifier. I know the video doesn’t use it, but I think I could make it look good if I only know what is he doing for the branch goes where he clicks. You can watch it in the video. It will play at the moment it happens.

If you have some advice to model trees, I would appreciate it

He’s using the knife tool to carve out the excess space around the texture, and shaping it accordingly. Subdividing it won’t do too much for you, other than maybe making some of your shading a bit more smooth.

But if you absolutely insist on having a branch card you can subdivide, it’d probably be better if you build your branch out of quads along a flat surface, project your texture onto it, and use proportional editing to make the various twigs and leaves branch out more.

thank you, i will try it

this is how it looks with subdivide and without it

You’re trying to make full on highish poly branches. The guy in your video is making leafy twigs using flat planes with a texture on them, which is the way you want to go if you want to avoid having multi-million tri trees.

this one is subdivide in edit mode and modifier

If you want to just smooth things out without mushing them up, you’ll need to add constraint loops where you want to keep your edges tight and angular.

thank you, but what about when it looks too rectangular

Add another subdivision level then.

Really, if this is meant to be one branch among thousands, I wouldn’t worry too much about the occasional little errors here and there. No one will notice them, as they’ll be lost in all the surrounding detail.

Well the problem are various brenches, many of them are too rectangular when i model it. If I apply subdivicion in a square, it will look good, like a circle, but when you apply it in a rectangle it looks flat and crushed, specially when it connects with other branch

Maybe you should try out Modular Tree. It’ll probably give you a nice boost to your tree modelling.

Also, upload your branch model, and I’ll see what I can recommend you as far as subdivs go.

thank you, but it seems like i can’t enable the addon

Did you get the 4.0 addon?

yes. But it doesn’t work

Read through that thread a bit, specifically towards the end. Some other people were having trouble with it too, and you might have an answer there.

indeed, i did it

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