how i make shadows in higtcontrast?

well im making a short movie whit a comic stetic but i can make the lights look more contrast whitout midtones , soo i need help whit the ligts ,all the received help will apear on the credits XD (sorry about the english)


If you want crisp shadows, ray shadows are good. In the shadow and spot section of the lamp settings enable “Ray Shado”. Also make sure raytracing is enabled in the render panel. (“Ray” button)

thanks but i do that allready and the result is the one you can se in the image but thanks.

Try using a spotlink to create shadows. Ive been experimenting with it lately and it gives you some pretty good control. First I would reccomend not using raytracingin animation to speed up your render times. Point a spotlight at him and set it to buf shad and only shad. For the hardest crispest shadows, turn samples and soft all the way down. If these results are too jaged, start raising the samples till you get the smooth edges that you want. The lower the samples you can work with, the faster the render.

Edit: Not sure what a spotlink is, I think I meant to type spotlight.

Thats not raytraced shadow. Thats buffered shadow.

If you’re talking about the lighting on the objects you may want to play with the settings of your toon shaders. Lower the smooth values to increase the contrast.