How i would expect Metarig to work in future builds of Blender 2.5

Hello everyone:
Im very intrested in the Metarig of 2.5, wich is, from my point of view, already in excelent condition, but that unfortunally, seems to have disappered from current builds. Cessan, currently working on Durian, has promised that he will resume working on metarig as soon as the film is completed, and some have suggested that we wait until then to see what comes from this great tool.
Instead of doing that, Ive taken a “not so up to date” build of Blender (in graphic all, you should look for 2.50.17 r26891, yes Alpha 0) and made a really simple script that puts the bones in appropiate layers, and then uses Nathans script to put the bone Layeres and Properties in the panel you get by pressing the key n.

So… If you get that build try opening the Clean Metarig belnd file that you can get from:

If you add a new Human Metarig (Shift-A, Armature, Human (Metarig)) and in that armature object selected state you run the cleaning script, I should behave just as I would expected to in the definitive versions.

Now, if you press N, youll see at the botom of the emerging panel a new tab called Bone layers,and all the bones are were they should, and a represented by shapes (that are in the last layer)

I hope it helps some of you to start playing with this incrediblly usefull rigs, right away.
See you

i’m waiting for nathan personally.

Hey PuppetMaster… I am a little unsure of what you mean. Could you break down the steps for me?

It seems you are saying:

  1. Get build 2.50.17 r26891 (Will it not work in a later build?)
  1. Download the CleanMetaRig file…

Then what?

If I understand metarig, it is a script that starts with Shift-A -> Add Human RIg, and then builds the appropriate layers and control features.

Do you mean that I use the CleanRig Blend file, and then run MetaRig on it instead of creating one through Shift-A?

Is there a reason why it only works in Alpha 0?

Thx for the input!

Im not sure why its not working on present builds, or if it will work in the future. Now, about braking the steps heres is how you woul normally use the Metarig:

First, in a fresh file, append all the WGT objects that you can find in the .blend I posted, and move them to the last layer.
Then, append the script form the same file.
Now do , Shift-A to add a human meta rig.
In edit mode, make it fit your geometry.
Now go to the armature panel and in the bottom, find the metarig tab, and click generate (this is the step thas not properly working in newer versions).
Youll see that a new armature appears, and already shows the correct shapes for each bone, but if you go to pose mode, youll see that some bones disappear (thats because of the DrawWire settings) and that all usefull bones are on layer one. If you hit N, youll se yhat the panel does not have the fuctionalities like Bone Layers or Rig Properties.

Now, go back to Object Mode and run the script that you previously appended, and voila, all bones anre in the layeres needed for the extended functionalitys in the n panel to work
Hope it helps

Oh boy. I had checked the the meta Rig in Newer version of Blender 2.5 with no luck, but now Ie foun an Alpha 2 Buid that works. 2.52.5 r28914

get the most recent build of blender, if rigify is not working for you report a bug.
simple as that.

Well, I’m glad to hear you found an Alpha 2 build that works… I’ll have to look for that on Graphicall…

EDIT: I couldn’t find that build… what OS did you find it for? (Any chance you can paste the URL of the place you downloaded the build from?

Well, it’s not quite as simple as that. If you want to play around with Rigify now, reporting a bug to a team that is frantically working to make the Durian deadline might not be your best course of action…

Last I heard, the developers were very much aware of the rigify problem and it was lower on their list to get things done since they wanted other things in place first.

Im running an intel OSX build

Im running the 2.52.5 r28914 for the MAC OSX intel build. By the way, although the build has a working version of riggify, I crashes when I try to open the simple biped blend file that Cessen posted a while back. Oh, I guess its part of the developing process of Blender, and I hope that the stable 2.6 versions are really able to clean all this problems.
Anyway, hope I helps

Ahhh… OK. I’m running Windows. I guess I’ll have to play around and see if I can find a build that works.

Thx anyway!

Well, I can’t seem to find a build that works. Is there any specific switch I should look for that would tell me if Rigify is active and working in a build?

Does anyone know of a Windows build that has it?

I’m a little late to the party but here is my 2 cents I used the clean meta rig script in the build I’m using 2.53 30581. I had to append the objects and script, the script works exactly as intended I admit there are more than a few head scratching moments when generating the rig, most likely it’s from my blender nubness. From my frequent failures and stabs in the dark I’ve learned that applying the loc, rot, scale(not sure if scale is mandatory if you use octahedron for your bone display) to the armature Before you generate the rig. I love meta rig, but there is one thing bothering me about it, In the video I saw there were facial control for a face rig yet when I add the human meta rig via Shift+A there are no face bones am I missing something or will that be in a later release?