How is Blender User Interface made?

Hey there, I’m a programming student and lately I’ve been trying to find ways to do custom interfaces for my programs, because Windows native interface isn’t that appealing. And for cross-platform easyness (I think) too.

So my question how is the Blender Interface made? Through some program?Or by coding? If so, how? OpenGL?

Yes, OpenGL.

At least that’s what I read/heard years ago, and just assumed it’s stayed that way since.

ok, thanks for your reply…

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Assuming you’re talking about the 2.5 series of Blender, at the lowest level, Blender’s UI is implemented using OpenGL (primarily coded in C). Hooked into that is a Python layer. This means that it’s fairly easy to modify Blender’s UI using Python without sacrificing much in the way of performance.