How is Game made it blender

How is game made it blender
is ist done with python?
could u give me some good links for tutorials u have tried urself and are good.

To have any complexity, games have to use Python, really.

For tutorials and other resources, look here:

there is a maze and movement tutorial found the link someware on this site youll have to look

here foud the tutStep 2 makign the controls
Now you have your maze working but its pretty boring as you can’t interact with it. Now its time to make our character. My character is a simple ball to create this go add mesh UVsphere then ok. Now give it a colour which is different to the maze’s. Then enter face mode and press W then add lighting. Now Press the VertCol button. Now move the camera to the start of the maze.

Now lets move out ball to the start of the maze. Just in front of the camera.

Select the camera and while holding down shift select the ball the press control P to parent them together. For this tutorial the camera will just follow the ball and will not turn so you will need to enter side view and move the camera up then rotate it so its facing the ball.

Now its time to give the ball control so we can move it. Go to the real time buttons (F4) now select the ball. You should have a menu like the one below.

First it might be a good idea to give the ball a name. Go to the edit buttons click the OB in the right and type player without capitals. Now go back to the real time buttons and click the 3 add buttons leaving out Add property. Then change the first one to Keyboard by clicking always. This will be our forward motion. now see the little gold circle after each of the 3 places click the first one and drag it to the second so they link then click the second and drag it to the third

Now where it says Key click the box then click the up arrow.

Click here to go to page 4
Now leave the second box that has the and or and move to the third box. This is where we create the motion of the ball. Now in the middle row click the box and type in 20. This will be the speed of the ball. You can change it later if you want.

Make sure everything is like below.

Now click the orange arrows to move the boxes up and out of the way. Then click add for each one. This time we will make the left movement. So change the first box to keyboard then click the left button in Key. Join the boxes up and for the motion part put -20 in the first force box.

Now press the orange triangle to move the boxes up and click add new again. This time we will make the right movement. Join them all together and type 20 in the same box as the left one. then move them all up again and click add new again so we can make the backwards movement. For this type -20 in the same box as the forward one. Remember to change the first box to keyboard and push the corresponding arrow.
Now we have set all our movements. Lets click the Actor button at the top left of the edit buttons. Then click dynamic then change all the setting so they are the same as below.

Now we can test the game. Enter camera View (numpad 0) then press P well the cursor is in the 3d window. now move around.
Have fun! lets move on to making the scene so it will change to the second level when it gets to the end of this level. To do this enter top view and center at the end of the maze. Then add a cube. Give the cube a colour then enter edit mode (tab) select the front four vertices that are inline with the maze.
Step 4 making the portal to level 2
The press X to delete and select Face. Now exit edit and go into face view then select all and press W to add lights. Then exit face view (F) and go to the edit buttons and click VertCol. now enter the Game View mode as i call it which is done by clicking the draw type box which is where u can select wire frame or colour view etc.

Then change the shape to the top one. This will allow you to view the maze as it would look like in the game.
Now when you rotate the 3d window around the cube it may be colored on the outside but clear on the inside to fix this go to the edit menu and click flip normal’s on the right hand side. Now when you rotate The cube will be colored on the inside but clear on the outside.

Now lets make level 2. click the add new buttons (the minus symbol) at the top of the page near scene to add a new scene and do a full copy.

Now click the SCE and change to level 2. Now you can delete the current maze but leave the ball and camera and make a new maze using the previous steps. You might as well keep the maze start the same place as before so you don’t have to move the ball and camera.
Now go back to scene one by clicking then minus and selecting 1 or whatever you named it now click the cube we made. Then enter the real time buttons. click add for the 3 boxes. Now change the always to collision and for the property type player. then link the three boxes up and change the motion one to scene. The make sure its says set scene. Then type the name you gave for the level 2 scene. Now click the ball go to the real time buttons and click Add property. Then where it says prop type in player. Now when you play from level one when you enter the cube you should be able to go to level 2.
That’s it. I will be making more tutorial that will help make this game more fun by adding traps enemies etc. But this will be later on.

Here’s some of what jat100 said complete with pictures.

No need to have to write all of that down.