How is this bike modeling coming along?

This is my first bike modelling exercise, and I am a beginner so I have no idea if the topology is going good or terrible. Also, I am not sure if this is of my skill level right now or should I pick this project some other time. I say this because I have no idea how I should begin modelling the engine.

I want your thoughts if I should continue this work or drop it for now.

oh! This is Harley Davidson 883 1998.

Right now, I am stuck on two things: Engine, and making holes in the circular ring of the suspension.

Might need to look at more references. A lot on a motorcycle engine is left-right asymetric, so mirroring will not be the correct thing to do for certain components.

Also for some things like circular geometry with a uniform distribution, you’ll want to look into multiples when generating a base circle or cylinder. So for that 5-fold layout of a brake disk, you’ll want some number like 35 or 40 (a multiple of 5) as it’s easier to get a flow and distribution that evenly spaces for 5 holes or spokes. (And 360° is divisible by 5 at 72°, so that might be handy to remember too.)

Yeah. I need to look at more references. That’s a little but very handy tip that you gave. yes, I had problem with the disc brake, but I manually did the job after applying array. :open_mouth:

I did the suspension (almost finished) and it looks okay. I will appreciate if anyone can give me their opinion about the modeling topology and stuff:

So one problem is over for now. I might mirror them, then apply the modifier, and then make the engine asymmetrical. But I need to model it first, that’s one big problem. :frowning: