how is this ilumination done ?

this is a blender file from the BMR , at first it looks like

just a closed room with two area lights , so i thought wow , is it posible to get that nice look only with 2 area lights ?

so i did my own scene , added two area lights , but :

i didnt get the same resuts
it was much more faster and innacurate
there must be something else going on that i dont see.

do you know whats making this scene look so good ,and render slower because the result will be better ?

                               HOUSE PROYECT

One of the reasons it might look better is because you might not have turned ray tracing on. But if you but if you already have, then another reason would be is the floor and the table are using ray mirror. Ray mirror will only work while ray tracing in turned on, but it also will cause the render to take longer amount of time to render, but in the end, it might turn out like the file you downloaded.

Ray tracing is found in the rendering tab, just next to render. And ray mirror can be found in the material tab, mirror transparency or mirror transp.

I hope this has helped you.