How learn to use UPBGE

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I practice blender to make videogames. But to the next version of blender, the BlenderGameEngine will be removed. So I would like know the UPBGE. But, I don’t know how start… There is no tutorial… I would like discover how make a beautiful materials in real time ( as PBR or SSR).
Anybody cans help me?

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(and sorry for my approximate English)

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I can’t find tutorials for UPBGE aswell. That’s why i stick with BGE. Would be cool if there were good tutorials for UPBGE.

Tutorials that work on BGE work on UPBGE.

There are small differences with some APIs, but nothing to be scared about, just take a look at the documentation and you should be done:


yeah upbge is just bge + fixes + added features etc.

some highlights.

Static mesh batching - batch a rendercall of a bunch of objects all using the same material

Geometry instancing - (materials tab) - used for rendering the same mesh 100s of times in a scene using instancing in a single draw call - best for objects like grass, leaves, bushes etc

ReinstancePhysicsMesh( 3rd argument ) = make object unique user of physics mesh

KX_Mesh.copy() = easily create new instances of a mesh without using libNew - less overhead also

BVHTree from KX_Mesh - quickly create BVHTree from triangle mesh physics type

NODES!! - Many new GLSL nodes that make game development easier.

join this discord server for help with upbge

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Thank you for explaining some features of UPBGE. There is one more feature like components for quick creating characters. How does it work?

Don’t know specifically for the character components, but PythonComponents in general are just an alternative way of defining logic (than logic bricks).

Its a Python class that you refer to from the UI, with a start and update method. There is also a way to define properties to be set in the UI and picked up at runtime using a args class field:

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But how use those nodes???


Whats is UI?

Thank you for your answers :wink:

User Interface


look at the locations highlighted with red boxes

after checking either of these then you use the node editor to build

Hello I searched and I found how use component. But nothing exist on the creation of materials… I search again but if someone discover anything, thank to tell me :wink:

search for blender internal materials. its almost the same.

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