How long do I wait for moderation?

I just got started, and one of the first things I did was to try to post a link to an animation on You Tube. That was of course referred to a moderator to approve. :yes:

Now it appears that I am approved to post replies (at least) that contain links, but I haven’t seen my animation thread post come up, either by looking at the Forum or by checking my profile for my posts.

Is this a case where I should just re-post, or is there a longer delay on such things. I hate to make double-posts.

Thanks for any reply from Admins or Moderators.

Make a few posts that show you’re a human, once they trust you aren’t a robot spammer you will have free posting.

Yes – I already have done that, and my replies are now being posted without intervention, as I stated in my original. The question was about another post that has not yet shown up.

Be patient (: your page says you joined on the 25th. That would explain why you don’t have full privileges.

I don’t see any posts by you in the moderation queue. In which forum did you post the thread?

I tried to post it in Animations. I have since posted it again and it went right up and has collected a few views. Thanks.

Hi all. I guess I have the same problem. Joined the forums today, wrote big post in Support→Modeling, hit “submit” and — Bam! — very fast redirect and no my post at all. Nowhere, not even in subscriptions. Since I couldn’t read a message before redirect 'cos it was too fast, I just assumed that my post going to be moderated 'cos I’m new user. But now it passed 5 hours or so, and my post didn’t appeared. English is not my native language and it was hard for me to write such a big post.