How long until my post is approved ?

Please inform me as to how long one might expect this process to take.
I had made a link to an animated gif I hosted on imageshack and to my realtive surprise, I’m still waiting a day and a half later for my post to be approved.


You need to make over 15 messages containing no URL (including the one in your signature), otherwise your message will never be approved.

There needs to be a sticky saying that. There are just too many of these.

Agreed. This information should be easier to find.

So there is no approval process is what you’re saying. No moderator checks. It happens automatically upon attaining 15 posts?

Well then… looks like I’ll have to go around the fourms and make asinine posts such as : “Hey that looks great” or “Wow” or “I really like mango sorbet” so that the one post where I linked to an offsite image ( because I cannot attach animated gifs on the fourms) can be read.

Never mind, this is a good chance for our fresh member to post passable messages for fulfilling the URL trust XD

I got it!!! We have a sticky that all the fresh members to post in, to raise their post count! lol. Just think an endless thread of “this is to raise my post count” or “la la la la la la”

Hey that’s a smashing suggestion, Excalaberr !
Let’s discuss that idea at some length… Say about 10 more post worth :wink:

Ha! That was good.

I’m glad it was good for a chuckle.
(and this is good for a post)
Mhu-ha-ha-ha-ha let the inane banter ensue !

Anyone ?

All most there!!! Post on my thread. Does this look like blackmail?

Blackmail? Only everso slightly.
But more than glad to give some critique, seein’ as how you haven’t left me to ramble on to myself in here.

Most forums don’t allow you to talk gibberish just to raise your post count, Then again most of them are PPP (pat-per-post) but who knows, I don’t think its worth getting your account blocked for tho.

It’s a sad thing that stuff like this is necessary nowadays. But understandable.

Hey, thanks for the information!
I was wondering why my last (and first) post take so much time to display.

Just trying to get my day-old post accepted. La la la. I’ll remove this, and the following posts, if the system allows me to.

la la la la

la la la #3

la la la #4

la la la #5

la la la #6