How long would it take to create an animation like this?

Hey, I’m new to this forum, and I was wondering how long exactly would this animation take to create in blender 2.8’s animation editor. I am not new to blender, I’ve been making 3D models and scenes in it for months now, but I have never touched the animation editor. I have never touched 2D animation but I thought that Blender would be a good place to start since I already know how to use it. How long would it take to make an animation like this ( that lasts about a minute and 30 seconds? SImilar style.

Hi, this will depend on your knowledge of animating and the editing and the amount of time you are going to devote to this.
University students studying animation here in the uk will be given in the final third year an assignment to create a three minutes short film in about 6-8 month.

Say I spend about a month learning the tools of the blender 2D animation software (which I plan to do). I already know how to draw, I know how to use blender for the 2D modeling aspect. So let me ask like this. How long do you think it would take YOU to make this animation, which is 1:30

I don’t do 2D. watch this:

How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? How much wood can a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

I’m not being a wise guy. Yours is a pretty (very) vague question.

That said, looking at the video you linked to, the animation itself is pretty limited, being mostly slow camera dollys with some effects (fog, lighting, dust, etc.). I want you to rewatch that video. Pick any scene you want, but I’ll refer to the shot which is only a lamppost with a minimal camera movement.

My question to you is: how long would it take you to draw just that background? Now multiply that by how many shots you have on your storyboard…you do have a storyboard, don’t you?

Now, see the little alien/creature/whatever-it-is? How long would it take you to draw and color it four or five diferent times? Now multiply that by how many scenes are in your storyboard that it actually moves (real action, not just panning/zooming).

Your turn: you tell us how long it would take.