how make a neon effect?

Hi, i am having problems whith the emit opcion in BGE and when i rise up the emit option at any value the object dosnt emmit light but when i doit in blender render or cycles it works perfectly.
So my question is: How i can get that neon emission effect in BGE?

Hello! You can do something like this:

(I placed the green cube in the overlay scene to make the bloom effect only affect the green cube but this technique has limits.)

Another way is to bake textures with glowing effects from cycles or blender render.

EDIT: (small video tutorial I just made) (It’s not exactly the same effect than bloom 2D filter but I don’t know what exactly you are looking for)

i can use this technice lets say a gun? whith neon details or enemies that have neon details also?

I remember seeing this tutorial ages ago. I think this is the sort if thing you’re looking for.

Scroll down to the tutorials with the box that has the glowing bits.
Hope this helps.

This might be a more accurate link. Keep your ears open for EMITTER MAP.

Emissive objects are limited to ray tracing based renderers. Currently no game engine can do it except Unreal engine 4 with it’s light propagation volumes experimental, totally unstable, feature. And it also doesn’t give the perfect result, if it’s even acceptable, as it depends on a 3d texture approximating the scene.
You may want to just use baking as others have stated.

using a sprite, that aligns to the object and to the camera to fake glow, is good, cheap
I have been trying to think of a way to blend silhouettes sprites to make a glow that changes shape, but it did not work ,

also placing a lamp there,


but expensive.

thanks i have visited this page but i aint chech this tutorial… really thanks!!! this really make the job jeje

other methot i think it can work is attach my lamps (like really close) to the part of my gun it will glow and extrude for make it more round it then that roundines will act like a difuse zone that will make light bounce and make a fake glow effect then bake the parts that willent glow whith an HQ texture… its sounds hard but i think is easiest than it hears