How many Blenderheads are there?

(Detritus) #1

As the Free Blender-campaign has started now, it would be very good to know how many Blender-users there are. Then you could calculate how much every person has too contribute with to reach the 100k Euro-goal of the campaign. Is there anyone who knows?

(Goofster) #2

well, Elysiun currently has 1222 members. So I think thats the best number we got

(S68) #3

Personally I think that it would have been better to know how many are there BEFORE starting the campaign, but I’m pretty sure than when Ton setted that 50 euro minimum had made his calculations based on his stats…

And >1200 elysiun members does not mean 50*1200 as someelse posted… sadly…


(ton) #4


I’ve got about 1200 mails of people the last months indicating they wanted to be kept updated.

The user site was close to 30k subscribers.

Our eshop had about 5 to 6k clients.

Our ‘spam’ system has 250k addresses of people who downloaded Blender, and indicated they liked to be kept updated by mail.

Download counts for Blender is over 3 million.

Active users of Blender don’t hang around here all of them… the opposite is also true, not all people here are active users! :slight_smile:

We are doing 30k mails first, the most recent ones. Our spam system is now at 6000…

That’s the numbers for today, (16000 euro yay!)

(Detritus) #5

Thanks everyone! But ton… It´s too much numbers… I just can´t figure it out. How many active Blender-users do you think there are? It seems that you don´t agree with 1200.

(steve343) #6

my estimate is ther are 2000 active blender users.

how many are willing or are able to pay the $50 is around 1000 but there are people who will donate more.

(Pooba) #7

Just to tell you, some blender users don’t speak english. I was searching for blender related stuff and i found a japenese forum for blender!

I’m sure there are a lot mroe than 2000 blender users out there. Just some of them don’t know about this site.

Also, if i remember correctly (though i probably don’t) the number of registered users back when was still online was like 20000 (correct me if i’m wrong). i 'm not really sure, it might have been 2000, but i think it was 20000.


(theeth) #8

Pooba: I think the actually number was more than 250K.


(Pooba) #9

JEEZ! then i was acually low! i thought i was high.