How many finish their images in post ?

Post as in Post production.
This comes from the blunt of the posts I read here are lacking any knowledge of post production on images.

The nodes as example are considered post. The render layers is a tool of post. Textures can be added in post. Post post post… is there not enough focus on this ? Sure you can get the image done right through blender but that surely takes a greater deal of time than running it in After effects photoshop or Gimp Cinema paint … whatever,

It’s not cheating it’s called control…

Yeah, You are right.
I try to do as much as possible in the post because of time and control.

i do post.

4th post :slight_smile:

Seriously, I usually don’t do post cuz I like to do animations and because I haven’t really had any very serious projects. However, post is definately the way to bring it to the next level!

When I do a still image, I ALWAYS do post unless its a test render in my wip thread. But my final stills have all changes made with the gimp which is the program i use.

I dont understand much about nodes though. I’m really waiting for a good tutorial to come out to explain them as I don’t have time to fiddle with them

It’s pretty rare that I do post production, except for vector blur in an animation. I try not to use post production just for the sake of learning how to fix a problem with your render without another program.

Used to not do it at all, now I do.

Usually it brightness/contrast such to bring some color out more or recently to make it look painted.

You mean postpro besides adding a frame and a title, yeah?

…whatever you mean, postpro is a very imoprtant aspect of every of my pieces. Compositing specific render passes, color / brightness / contrast adjustments, painting additional detail and adding the aforementioned frame and title. All done in post…I personally couldn’t do it without :wink:

I’ve been considering how to improve my renders with postpro to try and improve on the short comings of the different renderers available for blender, i’ve tried blender internal which i find too soft, yafray I prefer, it’s good and sharp but too slow and too noisy for animations, indigo too slow, noisy and for a specialised realism, no good for animations. Also how do you use blenders render passes and which ones for what purpose? Also does anyone mix render results, i heard on one of the conference videos about using for example blender internal with an AO pass from Yafray, how’s that done and for what purpose?

Can anyone suggest good tutorials for any of the above.