How many poly tris for character animation?


I’m wondering if I my model doesn’t have too much polygons (tris). It’s for an animation, there’s 111.666 tris.
If I set the subdivision surface to 1 there’s 29.922 tris.
I’m working on a wrestling animation, so there will only have max 6 characters with 111.666 tris. (4 wrestlers max + 2 commentators)
Charactes aren’t well detailed, it’s a cartoon style, though I like the smooth shape.

The environment, a stadium, has 280.614 tris.

For an animation : How many poly (triangle) has generally your character?

My computer has around 5 years, and I check how long will it last to render a 5 minutes scene. It will take around 30 minute for 720480 pixels. (It’s way too long to render in 19201080, it will take days)


Animations are generally measured in how long it takes to render one frame, rather than the number of tris or polys. Major animation studios (with major render farms) seem to use an hour as their standard. This is an absurd amount of time for the home animator. Five to ten minutes would be a reasonable amount of time per frame. 30 minutes is pretty high, so you’ll probably want to cut back on the poly count of your characters. Try baking detail and using normal maps on lower poly characters, or baking any static parts of the environment, like the stadium, I presume, and use background images rather than a mesh where possible.

Of course, if you have half a dozen friends willing to install Blender and become your informal render farm, you can get away with longer render times, but it still would be a good idea to investigate techniques to reduce render time, so you can use those extra minutes for more effects or more complicated camera moves.

30 minutes for the whole animation! It takes around 30 seconds, 1 minute MAX to render a single frame.

So I think I’m good. Though I test it without the audience and the wrestler, but It seems there’s not too much triangle.

I’m pretty happy (and excited), I work faster and have more solution to create the things I want. A big thanks to the community and the youtubers for their tutorials :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer, I saw answers about game character but nothing about animation, and I use to see bigger amount of poly in animations!

30 minutes to render a five minute animation! :smiley: Don’t worry about a thing. You’re good.

Animators get used to trade offs between size of frame and time it takes to render. If you need the larger format, then bite the bullet and spend the time. You can always run it at night, in chunks, when you’re sleeping.