How might one motion track at different intervals?

Hello Blender Artists Community.

I would really appreciate some guidance here.
My question: How might one go about setting motion tracking at different points in the timeline for one camera?

In the video footage to be tracked, the camera backs up slowly, turns to the left 180 degrees, tracks forward a couple feet, turns left 90 degree, and continues tracking forward.
My objective is to track and stabilize motion whenever the camera is tracking backward or forward. However, each tracking point will be completely lost due to the extreme changes. Essentially, I would be tracking for a several seconds at a time, while not tracking in between.
I have successfully tracked and stabilized the first section - when the camera is backing up. Now what? Can I create a different ‘track’ or do I somehow have to switch to a different camera each assigned to it’s own tracking section?

How can I track for a small duration, stop tracking, and pick up with different tracking points later on?

Please enlighten me.

-Lt. Leviathan